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                   Yinfeng Biological Group., Ltd always regards technological innovation as lifeblood of the strategic development, insists on the combination of independent R&D and scientific research cooperation, introduces and trains high-level technological talents, and positively establishes cooperation relationship with domestic famous scientific research institutions, so it has achieved the advanced technologies of neural stem-cell treatment on spinal cord injury and brain injury, new drug R&D of oligodendrocyte precursor cell, new drug R&D of stem-cell factor and inducing human iPS through CD47 inhibition. Yinfeng Biological Group., Ltd has the most authoritative team of experts and scholars in the industry, which respectively come from different fields of oncology, immunology, hematology, cryomedical sciences, and regenerative medicine.

                  • Shen Bojun
                    Chief scientist, enjoying State allowance. Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, mainly working on pediatric gynecology- phymatology, and in 1991
                  • Kong Beihua
                    Vice Director of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Mount Tai scholar, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, making important achievements mainly on biological therapy research of gynecology oncology.
                  • Hou Ming
                    Ph.D. of hematology of Medical School of University of Gothenburg in Sweden, post-doctor, Director of hematological dept. of Cancer Centre in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Ph.D.?supervisor, Mo
                  • Min Weiping
                    Vice Director of Jiangxi Provincial Academic of Medical Sciences, Director of Provincial Institute of Medical Science Research, professor, Ph.D.?supervisor, Ganjiang Scholar, mainly working on immuno
                  • Lu Zhiming
                    Director of Provincial NCCL, professor, Ph.D.?supervisor, inspection-specialized committee member of Chinese Hospital Management Association, mainly working on clinical cellular immunity, autoimmunity
                  • Zhou Gengyin
                    Executive vice-director of Medical School of Shandong University, Ph.D. supervisor
                  • Wang Yiping
                    Professor of Transplant and Kidney Disease Research Center of National Institutes of Health and affiliated Westmead Hospital of Medical School of University of Sydney, Ph.D. supervisor, mainly working
                  • Zou Xiong
                    Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, senior attending of laboratory dept. of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, enjoying State allowance and mainly working on the research of tumor-markers and tumor immuni