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                  Cells can improve recovery after stroke
                  Date:2016-06-13 14:29:43 Author:管理員 Browse:1521次

                  Stem Cell Research & Therapy, according to a study on the Stem cells from the bone marrow or fat can improve response of rats after stroke. Stem cell treatment can be used to the condition of the animal brain and nerve repair after stroke, and improve the ability to complete some tasks. 


                  Stem cell therapy has been proved to be a very promising technology, but about the treatment plan and treatment should use what kind of cell types also exist many problems need to solve. The purpose of the new study is to answer these questions. 


                  In this study, the researchers of stroke respectively after 30 minutes of rats injected stem cells or saline solution. 20 hours after treated with stem cells of rats performed better in terms of functional recovery. After two weeks, these performance after stem cell treatment of rats with almost normal rats. The researchers also found that even the stem cells did not migrate to the brain damaged area, also can show a good improvement. Also in rats treated with stem cells found higher levels of brain repair biomarkers, including growth factor VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) 


                  The researchers of stem cells from the bone marrow and fat, found that both can bring positive results. Who led the study of the Madrid La Paz, University Hospital (La Paz University Hospital) of Exuperio Diez - Dr Tejedor. He explained: "no matter what is the source of stem cells, can improve recovery effect. Fat source of stem cells is particularly rich, and easy to collect, the need for invasive surgery."